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Here's the standard argument the opposition gives:

"Transgender people are less important than _______."
Though it's statistically true that there are less transgender people than many populations, this doesn't mean they're less important. And statistically transgender people are more likely than their cisgender female counterparts to be sexual assault victims themselves, so talking statistics of "who is more important" means someone will always be thrown to the wolves in the end. That's a HORRIBLE way to handle discussion and policy.
Transgender people matter. We deserve to be allowed to exist in public spaces. We deserve equal rights. We deserve healthcare (as everyone does). And we deserve to be treated as people, not just talking points on your news program or cultural cogs in your conspiracy theory. “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” - Terry Pratchett
We are people. We make bathrooms SAFER not more dangerous. We are CHEAPER to cover healthcare for if we get what we need, not more expensive. We are BETTER for society if we are allowed to be our truest selves, not worse.
If you don't know this, then you've never met a typical transgender person. I've met many and all we want is to be at peace in our own bodies and not be harassed, bullied, sexually assaulted, murdered or driven to suicide by the people around us.