March 12th Rally to Save Transgender Lives @ Iowa State Capitol

I"m sharing this right off the facebook event page.....please read....

Calling all transgender Iowans and their allies! We need you to join us on the west side steps of the Capitol on Sunday, March 12th around 3:00 PM! We are rallying to make our voices be heard by those who dictate the laws, to demand that they protect the transgender community and to not discriminate, to demand that they protect our children from hatred and discrimination, to demand that our elected officials promote a tolerant society by example.

This event is to show support and raise awareness for and of transgender Iowans in the face of discriminatory legislation, court cases, and crimes against us. Too many members of our community across the nation and around the world have been discriminated against and murdered for simply expressing their gender identity unabashedly. 26 transgender americans were killed in 2016. Since January of this year, 7 transgender women were murdered.

In recent weeks, the transgender community has been faced with unprecedented setbacks. We must unite now to stand up to the oppressive administration that is threatening the safety of ourselves and our children. Come stand and shout with us at the State Capitol. Let this be a message to the legislature that we are here, we are watching, we will stand, and we will LIVE.

We will be gathering on the west side Capitol steps to stand together and hear from speakers in the community. Dress for cold weather, bring creative signs, be ready to chant, dress up for the cameras! This will still be an event of pride with very serious undertones.