Today's Quick Thoughts

I've noticed that some of the public think that quite a lot of people are deciding that they want to change something about their identity and that it is a problem and a too frequent problem and how and what they are deciding is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (what a sentence!!!) Some people think that "oh I can call myself anything, like a king, and poof now I have to be treated like one". Ok well these people are using this kind of logic to discredit the fact that deciding to change your gender is not a serious matter and that people just decide to do it on a whim with no other thought to it. They're treating these people as though it's not a life altering, possibly dangerous decision. That is not a decision that is made with so much consideration that someone often goes into hiding who they really want to be out of fear. Someone who wants to change their gender isn't making the decision like they make the decision of what they want to eat for dinner. This decision is something MAJOR. About a million and a half people in the United States identify as transgender. That is a million and half out of about three hundred and twenty four million people that exist in the United States (as of 2016). The number of trans
identifying people may not be completely accurate as some may choose not to report, but even still that is certainly not EVERYONE deciding to change something about themselves. Basically in a nut shell, deciding to change your gender is as much an organized, planned, "all things considered" decision as deciding anything else about yourself. Humans do not lead lives haphazardly. No matter what, every decision we make is ours, not anyone else's. No one is entitled to know how or why we are deciding something, anything! We matter and our decisions matter and they are ours. No one has the right to try to tell you your motivation for anything. Be yourself and be true to yourself. Someone who's is transgender is trying to fall in line with who they believe they really are and we should support that decision forever, always, and unconditionally. Love you all.