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Hey everybody!!! I haven't updated the site in a while so I will be working on adding more resource information for all of you. We are celebrating pride month right NOW and I wanted to wish you
all a happy, safe, and prosperous month and months ahead. With all that we are experiencing in our communities and our world I want to remind you how much you matter. You are valued and
you contribute more to the world than maybe you can even understand. I encourage you to live and love with out fear and share love with everyone around you as much as possible. Anyway,

Transgender Day of Visibility March 31st

Please follow the link to read for more information on this day!


It is March 23rd 2017 and we are at 8 transgender lives lost to senseless murder. We need to show up for our trans brothers and sisters. ESPECIALLY our BLACK trans brothers and sisters. We need to have hope that safety, equality, and prosperity are possible for all people. We need to bring the change that makes this happen. TRANSGENDER RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.


The bracelets are IN. Please contact me via facebook or by email to purchase. $3 each and all proceeds will be going to varous non profit trans organizations.

Suicide Information, Transman media, other races with transgendered individuals

I want to let everyone know I will be adding a separate tab with information pertaining to transgender suicide prevention information. I will also be adding media for transgendered men
as well as transgendered people of varying races.

Shared from Ora Uzel (Thank You Ora)

Here's the standard argument the opposition gives:

March 12th Rally to Save Transgender Lives @ Iowa State Capitol

I"m sharing this right off the facebook event page.....please read....

Calling all transgender Iowans and their allies! We need you to join us on the west side steps of the Capitol on Sunday, March 12th around 3:00 PM! We are rallying to make our voices be heard by those who dictate the laws, to demand that they protect the transgender community and to not discriminate, to demand that they protect our children from hatred and discrimination, to demand that our elected officials promote a tolerant society by example.


Hey everybody. I am currently working on bracelet ideas. I'd like to sell silicone bracelets to raise money for organizations that support the rights of transgendered individuals. I would like to donate money to the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Center for Transgender Equality. My hope and vision would be to sell so many I could donate to multiple other organizations as well. If you are interested please message me on facebook. FB search Sarah Cosley and get at me through messenger. You can also contact me on this website.

Today's Quick Thoughts

I've noticed that some of the public think that quite a lot of people are deciding that they want to change something about their identity and that it is a problem and a too frequent problem and how and what they are deciding is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (what a sentence!!!) Some people think that "oh I can call myself anything, like a king, and poof now I have to be treated like one".

Welcome to This Is Me Iowa

I want to thank you for checking out This Is Me Iowa! This website is in it's infancy and we are just getting started putting all of the websites content on for you to enjoy.

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